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Posthumous messages from a culture in agony.



The idea: Dissent breaks into the virtual space.

Art is one of the last spaces of ideas remaining to contemplate the system and the future.


What is M.A.L.O.?

Our goal is to create content through streaming, social media, essay film production, and on-site actions. Contents to reflect on ourselves. Building bridges of ideas between the global South and the entire world.

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Who is M.A.L.O.?

We dont known. The Host is an anonymous hacker, a system glitch, or a flawed character. It conducts interviews about the system and the future with artists and thinkers from all around the world: Ana Gallardo, Éric Sadin, Christian Ferrer, Gabriela Golder, Mariano Blatt, Nicola Costantino, Mariano Godoy, Georges Didi-Huberman, Doug Aitken, Tomás Saraceno, Flavia Acosta, etc.


How is M.A.L.O.?

We want to do and say everything, but 'it's not possible' in the virtual world: art, science, dreams, and ideas.


Live and recorded.


Original works, acquisitions, and collaborations. On politics and art.

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The story of M.A.L.O.

Our protagonist is deceased, but we don't know when—was it in the 80s, the 90s, or perhaps in 2024? The image quality remains unclear (though aesthetically valuable), making it impossible to pinpoint a specific time.

M.A.L.O. defines itself as transgressive and rebellious. A disc filled with videos and posthumous messages will be gradually unveiled through all available means. M.A.L.O. presents us with a message of resistance, akin to a time capsule or a message in a bottle sent out to sea.

Gradually, through interviews, testimonials, and videographic material, the story of how this movement came into being will unfold. However, an unexpected twist will occur, transforming it into the biography of the least anticipated individual or a society in its twilight.


So, is M.A.L.O.:

"The virtual counterculture?"

"An auditory space?"


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